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Advertising that has a real impact

That advertising has an impact is a truism – but how it achieves this impact is crucial for your success.
Your customers are confronted with thousands of advertising messages every day. Thus advertising material needs to be tailored in the best way to be persuasive here. This makes it all the more important to obtain knowledge of and insights into the perception and impact of the (planned) measures: What impact does your advertising material have, and how strong is it? Are you successfully differentiating yourself from the competition? Are you reaching your target group? Does communication contribute to your brand?

To provide answers to these essential questions, we offer you a wide range of scientifically tested, successful survey and measurement methods.

In collaboration with you, we will test which functional and emotional USPs will enable you to score points with your target group as part of your communication measures and what impact you will achieve with your advertising measures.

In the development phase, we will provide you with specific recommendations for maximizing your advertising success based on advertising material and other pre-tests. In addition, we will check to what extent the communication fits your brand or product (brand fit or product fit) and how your measures will impact the general brand or product perception and purchasing behaviour.

Please read about the processes and tools we use further below on this page.

What impact does my advertising material have, and how strong is it?

How do I optimally design my advertising material?

How are my advertising concepts evaluated and perceived?

What impact do communication and advertising material have on my brand and products?

How can I differentiate myself from the competition through communication and advertising?

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Processes and methods

Customer Journey / Touchpoint Analytics

Analyzing purchasing processes: All relevant information, advice and purchase impulse points are recorded as central key figures of a respective market environment, all decisive search, orientation and decision criteria and their share in the final purchase or use decision are mapped hierarchically.

Emotional Branding Monitor (EBM)

Recording emotions: Implicit measurement method which determines the emotional activation of a brand or product in terms of type and strength by recording the reaction times and thus enables an exact positioning of the emotional perception.

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Measuring preferences: By specifying the subjectively best and worst variants of the respectively presented selection of characteristics, a differentiating ranking of preferences can be calculated.

Multi-Purpose Segmentation

Differentiating groups: Individual perspectives (purposes) are first analyzed separately, clustered and then aggregated in the meta-clustering process. Generally meaningful and behaviorally-relevant patterns are thus revealed, and segments are much more differentiating and manageable.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Identifying target groups: Methods for psychological customer segmentation based on personality traits as well as for the design of tailor-made customer communication.

Online Eye Tracking

Understanding attention: Perception and orientation processes are tracked in static ads and websites via the mouse movement by sharply displaying only a circular area around the cursor. Further variants are possible.

Qualitative Research

Personal research: Collection and evaluation of non-standardized data on the basis of open individual or group interviews, observations, documentation and diaries by experienced and trained qualitative experts.

TURF+ (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)

Optimizing combinations: Method for optimizing the reach of advertising and managing product portfolios by determining optimal combinations of communication tools/media/content or product properties.

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Measuring advertising impact: Accompanying campaign evaluation of the most important advertising impact KPIs in stationary and mobile environments on all relevant devices.