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data science

Data – more valuable than gold or oil

However, data is worth little – if it is not used as the key to actual knowledge acquisition. This lies in understanding data, the actual data analysis, and the comprehensible visualization of revealed insights. The requirements in this area are accordingly versatile and demanding.

Interrogare stands for excellent quality and comprehensive expertise in the market, especially in this area. Using state-of-the-art analyses is thus an essential part of our daily work. Thanks to our scientific background, you benefit from our self-developed, validated processes for the best possible answer to your questions – our experts will be happy to advise you on this and present you with our wide range of options for optimal and innovative implementation.

In addition to analysing collected survey data, this also includes the processing or fusion of mass data (big data) according to your individual needs. Concerning the presentation of results, we offer you the chance to think outside the box rather than adhere to previously familiar visualizations. Structurally identical result presentations can be produced cost-effectively and time-efficiently with the in-house technology for creating automated chart reports.

Management and analysis dashboards are optionally available in real-time through modern BI technologies and our IRQuest®reporting. Overall, the visualization of your results generally fulfils the following basic qualities: manageable, precise and appealing. You will obtain your insights in a nutshell and, if desired, with derived, specific recommendations for action.

State-of-the-art analyses and multivariate processes

Methods and approaches developed in-house

Analysis specialists with mathematical and content expertise

State-of-the-art technology for data integration

Flexible automation of reporting

Knowledge pool

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Processes and methods

Brand Cue Analyzer (BCA)

Testing brand design elements: The effectiveness and significance of visual elements of the packaging design are analyzed. To do this, a brand must be identified on the basis of individual elements that are shown one after the other. In this way, the importance of the individual cues can ultimately be determined.

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Brand Switching Model (BSM)

Wechselpotenziale erkennen, Markentreue prüfen: Six steps to identification – a selection of relevant providers, the recording of the relevant perception dimensions, the determination of the degree of fulfillment of the selected providers, their influence on the switching potential, the selection of the ultimately preferred provider and the creation of the relevant set.

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Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) Analysis

Determining preference structures: Subjects choose their preferred one from different combinations of performance characteristics, and all potential combinations are queried (at least) once.

Competitor MindMap

Comparing associations: Subjective perceptions of competing brands are recorded by means of interactive web applications as mind maps – thus direct and indirect associations as well as the strength of associations and connections. An aggregation algorithm enables you to summarize and compare brand mind maps.

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Consumer MindMap

Recording associations: Subjective brand perceptions are recorded by means of interactive web applications as mind maps – thus direct and indirect associations as well as the strength of associations and connections. An aggregation algorithm enables the summary of all mind maps.

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Driver Analysis/Penalty Reward Analysis (PRA)

Analyzing influences: Impact drivers and influencing factors on overall evaluations are determined, and effective levers and options for the derivation and evaluation of measures are identified.

Emotional Branding Monitor (EBM)

Recording emotions: Implicit measurement method which determines the emotional activation of a brand or product in terms of type and strength by recording the reaction times and thus enables an exact positioning of the emotional perception.

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Dive in


Measuring brand image: Pair comparisons of important image-relevant characteristics enable the recording of the meaning and strength of emotional and functional aspects.

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Recording imagery: In a web application, subjects assign images that are perceived as suitable for a brand/advertising material/product and then evaluate them with regard to the strength and type of connection.

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Information Display Choice Based Conjoint (ID CBC)

Determining preference structures: Information is selected according to perceived importance by clicking on it and is then compared in pair comparisons. Methods for searching for information and the importance of characteristics are recorded in this manner.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Identifying target groups: Methods for psychological customer segmentation based on personality traits as well as for the design of tailor-made customer communication.

Online Eye Tracking

Understanding attention: Perception and orientation processes are tracked in static ads and websites via the mouse movement by sharply displaying only a circular area around the cursor. Further variants are possible.

Qualitative Research

Personal research: Collection and evaluation of non-standardized data on the basis of open individual or group interviews, observations, documentation and diaries by experienced and trained qualitative experts.